TAV Technologies continues to grow in Central Asia

After Almaty and Samarkand airports in Central Asia, Aktobe Airport is now also served by TAV Technologies. The gateway to western Kazakhstan, Aktobe International Airport will employ the Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS), developed by TAV Technologies. The airport will benefit from the scalable platform that can work at numerous workstations, providing multi-airport, multi-airline, and multi-ground handler support. Furthermore, passenger processes such as check-in and boarding will be automized through industry-standard technologies.

TAV Technologies General Manager M. Kerem Öztürk said: "We feel enthusiastic about demonstrating our technology expertise to a wider audience within new airports around the globe. Our appetite for innovation encourages us to offer solutions to new customers, focus on digitalization, and enhance passenger satisfaction. We are proud to partner with Aktobe International Airport to provide our state-pf-the-art technology."

Aktobe International Airport’s Chairman of the Management Board Dastan Maliyev added: "CUPPS is a highly customizable solution to reveal the critical passenger flow data at all passenger transaction points. The system strengthened our digital infrastructure to offer better services for passengers and elevate operational quality.”

A connection point between Asia and Europe, Aktobe International Airport serves the industrial region in the western part of the country, with large-scale oil and gas, mining and other major projects. The sole shareholder of is the Department of Finance of Aktobe region. Currently passenger flights are operated in 15 directions from Aktobe airport (Nur – Sultan, Almaty, Aktau, Atyrau, Turkestan, Uralsk, Tbilisi, Istanbul, Antalya, Sharm El–Sheikh, Moscow, Kazan, Baku, Phuket, Dubai).

Generating operational efficiency with CUPPS

TAV Technologies CUPPS enables using the same equipment regardless of the airline with its IATA-certified system that is equipped with biometric integration capabilities. Therefore, the system provides efficiency and ease of use for employees and passengers. Traditionally, each airline would have its designated check-in desks and technical systems, whereas, with the TAV Technologies CUPPS, the airlines and other airport stakeholders can share the same equipment.

This system will enable airport management, airlines and ground handlers to access and process passenger applications from the same platform safely and rapidly. The platform offers advanced monitoring and management capabilities that enable operators to observe the real-time status and manage all the workstations from a single location. Reducing the requirement for costly hardware equipment and IT maintenance will generate substantial operational savings and help optimize airport facilities. Plus, the airport will also benefit from the modern web-based interface of CUPPS that eases everyday operational tasks of airlines. It will also help reduce the overall environmental footprint of the airport by decreasing energy consumption.

About TAV Technologies

TAV Technologies, a subsidiary of TAV Airports Holding which is a member of Groupe ADP, is a leading technology brand designing, developing, and implementing aviation services and solutions globally. As a visionary technology solution partner and a master systems integrator, TAV Technologies provides total technology management and delivers best-in-class designs & turn-key integrated solutions developed in the company's Research-Development Center and Innovation Hub. The company covers all three main streams of information technologies in one company: in-house software product development, contracting for complex ICT projects, and IT operations management & consultancy.

About International Airport Aktobe

Aktobe Airport is one of the dynamically developing regional airports in Kazakhstan. It shows record business performance compared to the previous years. Flight geography is constantly expanding with new directions. Aktobe Airport is a part of the transport infrastructure of Western Kazakhstan and is well located at the intersection of major international air navigation routes connecting Europe with Asia. The airport is capable to serve almost all types of aircrafts on routes connecting cities both within the country and near and far abroad. As for aircraft ground handling, it is enabled to provide a full package of services for all types of aircrafts.


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