TAV Technologies carries out digital transformation of Samarkand Airport

TAV Technologies has completed the first phase of its project to digitize all operations of Samarkand Airport in line with international standards and the latest technological developments. The signed agreement will further expand the project.

TAV Technologies, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, has reached an agreement with airport operator Air Marakanda to expand the digital transformation project at Samarkand Airport. TAV Airports Executive Board Member Franck Mereyde, TAV Technologies General Manager Kerem Ozturk and Air Marakanda's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gairat Neimatov came together at the signing ceremony for the second phase of the agreement.

TAV Technologies General Manager M. Kerem Ozturk said, "“We are glad to be the technology partner of Samarkand International Airport in such a significant project that aims at full digitalization of airport and passenger operations. The product implementations will both directly improve passenger experience and enhance operational efficiency "

Gairat Neimatov, Chief Executive Officer of Air Marakanda, said, "We are delighted to take the final step to fully digitalize Samarkand International Airport’s operations, which will provide an unprecedented level of service in Uzbekistan’s aviation industry.“The new phase of work follows the recent opening of the Airport’s new terminal. With its modern infrastructure, streamlined processes, and technology-enabled service offering, Samarkand International Airport is a new standard for travel to Uzbekistan’s most famous historic city. We are grateful for TAV Technologies’ support with its market-leading expertise in airport management technology solutions."

The new terminal, which has tripled Samarkand Airport's passenger capacity, became operational in March 2022. Samarkand is one of the most important stops on the historic Silk Road and provides access to major tourist destinations in Uzbekistan.

TAV Technologies is deploying its proprietary software and hardware solutions as part of the project. The solutions offered by the company include the Total Airport Management Suite (TAMS), an integrated management platform that is compatible with existing systems and covers flight management, airport resource management, capacity planning, commercial management and ground services.

At the same time, Samarkand Airport will also use the Passenger Flow Management module, which facilitates travel by reducing passenger waiting time at the airport, and the Commercial Management module, which digitizes cost management and invoice tracking. Other innovative systems offered by TAV Technologies to Air Marakanda are the Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) and Common Use Self Service (CUSS) solutions that facilitate passenger transactions. These IATA-certified solutions will improve passenger convenience through self-service check-in kiosks that can be shared across more than one airline.

About TAV Technologies

TAV Technologies, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, provides integrated end-to-end IT solutions at more than 40 airports in 15 countries. Through its R&D center, TAV Technologies have developed more than 40 IT products for the aviation industry. Founded in 2005, the company extended its know-how in the aviation industry to other sectors such as health, production and construction. Through its expert staff, TAV Technologies specialized in digital transformation, smart airport solutions and cyber security

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