Product Responsibility

Product Responsibility

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business model as we know our responsibility to provide the best customer service at TAV Airports. We are conducting customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys in a regular basis in order to understand the needs and expectations of our customers. In respect to our focus on customer experience and our service quality, TAV Airports recognized in some of the global organizations lists. İzmir Adnan Menderes, Ankara Esenboğa, Medina, Tbilisi and Skopje airports were among the best airports in the ASQ awards given by the Airports Council International (ACI World). Additionally, Ankara Esenboğa, Tbilisi and Medina Airports, were awarded in the "best hygiene practices" category added during the pandemic period. As the member of ACI World, Airport Service Quality (ASQ) program provides ACI member airports with tools and expertise to measure and improve passenger satisfaction, business performance, and airport service quality. Within the scope of the program, 670,000 surveys were conducted annually at more than 400 airports in 95 countries before the pandemic.

As TAV Airports, we were listed in another global success list, which is published by Skytrax, the international air transport rating organization with our four airports. Riga, Zagreb and Tbilisi, which are in TAV's portfolio, were also among the top 10 airports in Eastern Europe. Saudi Arabia's Medina Airport was selected as the best airport in the region at the Skytrax awards given according to passenger evaluations. Within the scope of the Skytrax World Airport Awards, which have been given since 1999, more than 500 airports around the world are evaluated according to more than 30 criteria through passenger surveys. This year, the scope of the survey was expanded to evaluate the measures taken due to the pandemic.

To improve our services and customer satisfaction we regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys. In 2021, our customer satisfaction score was 88.05%, while in 2020 the score was 86.55%.

In order to provide a safe travel experience in 2020, TAV has committed to the EASA Covid-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol to combat the pandemic and achieved the Airport Health Accreditation created by ACI World for all our airports and the process that started with Covid 19, has become a continuous practice. As a result of our quality management approach, all our terminals have ISO-9001-Quality Management Certificate since 2006. TAV Airports strives to provide its guests with a fast, comfortable and safe travel experience with the aim of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. Izmir Adnan Menderes, Ankara Esenboğa, Medina, Tbilisi, Zagreb and Skopje airports operated by TAV Airports in 2022, Airport Service Quality (ASQ) at the passenger experience summit organized by the World Airports Council (ACI World) in Krakow, Poland this year. ) program, it was selected as the best airport in its categories and received an award.

Food Security and Customer Health

At TAV Airports, the terminals where our passengers and guests receive service are also the workplaces of our employees. Therefore, the measures taken, and the work done within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety are planned and implemented in a way that will improve the health and safety of our passengers and guests, such as:

  • All conveyors, belts, escalators, elevators, etc. in our terminals. Periodic maintenance and inspections of moving mechanical devices are carried out by our relevant technical teams and accredited institutions in line with planning.
  • Emergency response plans of our health units are available and implemented for possible passenger and guest accidents.
  • All areas used by our passengers and guests are disinfected in line with the cleaning plan, ensuring that our terminals are hygienically healthy environments.
  • Ventilation systems, thermal comfort, noise, light intensity, radiation, electrical infrastructure, etc. All parameters that may affect the health and safety of our passengers and guests are measured and controlled in accordance with local and international standards.

At TAV Airports, we have different services for passengers in need. Our ground services and relevant healthcare services are ready to support our passengers with disabilities or any other special needs.

In respect to our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our customers, we conduct different audits regarding our subsidiary companies as well. BTA provides food and beverage services to our customers as the subsidiary of TAV Airports. All food and beverage areas are inspected every day by the food safety and quality unit at all airports that BTA provides services, within a monthly plan. These inspections are designed to maintain food safety, to ensure production and preservation in appropriate conditions in production and service areas.

Esenboğa Airport and Adnan Menderes Airport have Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 2200 and Istanbul Airport, Esenboğa Airport and Adnan Menderes Airport have ISO 9001 certificates. We also have a Safe Tourism Certificate at all airports.


As TAV Airports, Information Security and Cyber Security is a priority and integral part of our sustainable, secure and excellence-oriented operations. The "Information Security Management System" established within TAV Technologies forms the basis of our ecosystem.
In this context, all our airports are monitored and managed centrally, 24x7, uninterruptedly. This management is provided by ITIL-based process management in order to increase internal and external customer satisfaction. Establishment of our data recovery center in order to ensure our business continuity, monitoring all our critical systems in terms of cyber security 24/7 via the SoC (Security Operations Center) service, regular penetration tests and vulnerability scans, tightening updates, remote working with secure methods, awareness given to our employees training is one of our prominent works.