In addition to the economic performance as a result of its operational activities, TAV Airports determined its main objective as creating value for all stakeholders in target areas determined within the scope of the sustainability strategy such as climate change, energy management and decarbonization, circular economy, sustainable finance, diversity, fairness, and inclusion. To minimize environmental and social impacts at all sites with the aid of international guides, value production processes designed in accordance with basic principles and global applications of the low carbon economy are adopted and applied by all affiliates.

TAV Airports’ management approach acknowledges that the expected results can only be achieved with an effective organizational structure in sustainability, which is considered as an issue that require organizational and cultural change.

TAV Airports implements a “Sustainability Management System” to expand and internalize the sustainability strategy in all geographies of operation with all Group affiliates at all functions and levels, as well as to systematically and transparently share performance with all stakeholders. TAV Airports’ goal within this context is value focused transformation and sustainable, measurable, globally comparable, dynamic, and continuous development.

TAV Airports designs and implements cutting edge technological infrastructure to measure the impact of its operations and generate effective and meaningful data that will help the Company meet its corporate goals.

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