Airports for Trust

Airports for Trust

TAV Airports, as a member of UN Global Impact (UNGC), participated in the “UN Global Impact SDG Accelerator Program” to accelerate the UN Sustainable Development Goals related to focus areas regarding sustainability into its business strategy and processes, with the goal of leading the fair and sustainable transformation of the aviation industry.

The program, which encourages the establishment of assertive and realistic corporate targets for sustainability and allows for comparison among program participants, has been launched for the first time in Türkiye.

To realize the targets in TAV Airports’ 2030 agenda, design new systems for integrating sustainability into business processes, and accelerate progress toward SDGs, the program supports the strategic prioritization of planned actions.

The “Airports for Trust” declaration, which includes commitments for a sustainable and responsible future and signed by the CEOs of 23 airports in the ADP Group around the world, is one of the important building blocks of the international integration of TAV Airports’ sustainability strategy. The Group’s commitments in this context aim to contribute to the goals shared in the aviation ecosystem as a whole. The commitments in the declaration, which addresses all critical environmental issues, especially climate and biodiversity, were reviewed by ADP Group in 2022 with all stakeholders and their scope was expanded. The current content of the declaration is as follows:

Protecting the Planet

Our commitments to be the industry leader in environmental protection:

Working to transform our operations to have zero environmental impact, including by being carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest,

  • Actively participating in the environmental transformation of the aviation industry,
  • Increasing the integration of each airport into a local sourcing system by promoting the circular economy, on-site resource production, and process simplification,
  • Building a greener future by reducing the environmental footprint of development projects for our operations (design, construction, renovation).

Developing with Local Communities

The harmonious and sustainable development of airport operations should be closely linked to creating value for local communities and investing in human development at the local level.

Our commitments to develop a permanent win-win relationship and a shared vision of the future:

  • Actively contributing to improving the living conditions of local communities and reducing exposure to noise,
  • Building long-term trust and harmony with local stakeholders,
  • Strengthening the positive impact of airport operations on local communities, tracking the potential environmental and social impacts on the habitat of local communities, taking necessary precautions, and carrying out actions for improvement,
  • Uniting the airport community and acting together to maximize the positive impact of airport operations and facilitate acceptability.

The Power of Our Network

We are committed to measuring the environmental and socio-economic impacts of our airports and to nsure transparency. Our airports form a powerful network of skills, knowledge, and understanding related to the challenges of air transportation.

This network should enhance awareness and commitment to maximize the positive impact of airport operations for all stakeholders.

Since 2014, TAV Airports has been included in the BIST Sustainability Index, which enables organizations to compare their corporate sustainability performance locally and globally, and to develop their risk management skills related to sustainability with the principles of corporate transparency and accountability.

The index provides an independent evaluation and confirmation of the activities and decisions taken by companies that demonstrate their approach to critical sustainability issues for Türkiye and the world,

such as global warming, depleting natural resources and water sources, health, safety, and employment.

As of November 2022, TAV Airports continues to share public data within the BIST Sustainability 25, a new index with a high sustainability performance that also includes large and liquid companies. It will continue to be present in the index in 2023.