Selection and Recruitment

Selection and Recruitment

The selection and recruitment practices at TAV Airports are planned to equip the company with dynamic personnel who are well-educated with entrepreneurial spirit, open to development and innovation, willing to improve themselves personally and professionally, customer focused, respectful and having professional ethics. As operations are based at airports and within the international arena, many job positions require excellent English knowledge and the ability to travel or move to another city or country. Technical know-how and skills are acquired on the job.

Suitable candidates as per the job requirements are recruited from domestic and global sources. When necessary, HR services are secured via related web sites and consultancy firms, or job ads are placed in related newspapers and periodicals. It is important to fill vacant positions in domestic and foreign business units with suitable local candidates.

The Human Resources Department works in collaboration with the managers of relevant departments in the selection and recruitment process to ensure that candidates are placed in the right positions. The suitability of the candidate for corporate culture, values and general requirements of the job and personality characteristics and competencies are evaluated while professional knowledge and experience and the capability to work in harmony with the team are evaluated by the manager of the relevant department.

Upon the evaluation of the HR specialists and the concerned department managers, the eligible candidates may take perception, foreign language and/or occupational personality inventory tests as per the job requirements to ensure the impartiality of the selection process. For positions that require occupational know-how which can be measured, the candidates are evaluated by presentations or business practices of are evaluated. During the selection and recruitment processes all candidate documents are kept strictly confidential.


All TAV Group employees are expected to have the following skills in line with the requirements of their positions. Hiring, performance management and development and career plans are all done according to the requirements of the position and the employee's skills set and level.

Problem - Solving and Decision - Making

The ability to analyze problems and their causes, developing solutions, and making the right decisions

Planning and being Results-Oriented

The ability to plan, coordinate and monitor to reach the timely and efficient conclusion of tasks.

Being Customer-Focused

Taking customer (internal and external) satisfaction as the basis of all tasks.


Closely following and creating innovation towards development and the creation of value.

Communication and Team - Work

The ability to clearly impart and share information, contributing to the Group as a team member as well as benefitting from this interaction.

Leadership (Influencing and Managing)

Acting towards common goals, motivating and directing to improve performance.

In accordance with the required qualifications of the vacant positions, the relevant assessment tools below mentioned are when evaluating candidates:

  • Interview based on Competencies
  • General Ability Test
  • English Level Test​
  • Personality Inventory
  • Case Study
  • Assessment Center Projects

As a result of the evaluations mentioned above, the suitable candidates for the vacant positions are offered jobs by TAV Group companies.

Detailed information regarding vacant positions and job applications to TAV Group Companies, please visit: