TAV Airports has adopted the principle of managing its human capital, the main foundation of its success, at the highest global standard and being a preferred employer brand.

The main policy of the company is to select, develop, evaluate and manage human resources at international standards with the commitment of offering equal opportunity for each employee. Our goal is to recruit dynamic people who are gifted with entrepreneurial spirit, open to development and innovation, aim to improve both themselves and their professions, and who have high levels of education, motivation and social skills. Human resources management is dedicated to supporting the company to reach its goals in an effective and efficient manner while improving employee performance by creating a dynamic atmosphere in favor of innovation and development through its practices. Furthermore, it also supports management by providing opportunities in structural and corporate development which meet the requirements of human resources and competencies of the Group for the present and future.

HR Vision: To become the pioneer in the sector, Turkey and the world through integrated human resources practices.

HR Mission: To enhance the results of all TAV Group companies and departments through the implementation of human resources management aligned with group strategies, to maintain and encourage a culture of high performance within the group in order to provide strategic support for creating value for all stakeholders