Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy


Our organization, a leader in airport operations, conducts business according to a customer-focused management philosophy which seeks to create maximum value for all stakeholders. By giving the utmost priority to respect for laws and legislations, the company has adopted the principle of operating within ethical precepts as a basic requirement. As a leader in technology and quality standards, and which is aware of its responsibilities to the environment and society, our Occupational Health and Safety Policy reflects the great value we attach to people.


This Occupational Health and Safety Policy covers all activities which directly or indirectly affect operations of the TAV Airports Holding Company and its affiliates.


Occupational Health and Safety: Systemic works in their entirety which are designed and carried out for the purpose of protection from and prevention of situations and/or materials that may be hazardous to health during operations at the workplace.

Occupational Accident: Any incident which results in property damage or injury at the workplace.

Occupational Disease: Diseases which arise in the workplace resulting in death or permanent disability and are caused by working environments and/or the method of work.

Hazard: Potential source or situation which may cause injury or illness, damage to materials or property or, damage to the environment.

Accident: An event which results in injury, illness, property damage or death in the workplace.

Health: A state of full physical and mental wellness.

Risk: The probability of occurrence of a given hazard and its probable outcomes.

Risk Analyses: Estimation of the damage that may come out as a result of the occurrence of an accident; calculation of the magnitude of the risk with accepted parameters.

Legal Framework

TAV Airports Holding conducts its operations in accordance with local and international Occupational Health and Safety and civil aviation laws, regulations, and related legislations. In case of absence or insufficiency of those, general practices of the industry and applications in conformity with international general practices are applied.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy, as formulated by the Department of Management Systems are reviewed by the Directorate of Human Resources, Chief Operations Directorate and General Management and is updated and managed by the Department of Management Systems.

General Principles

In accordance with our vision as the leading airport operator in our target region, the Occupational Health and Safety Policy as formulated by TAV Airports Holding consists of the following elements:

  • A systematic and creative management approach are adopted while conforming to legal arrangements, international standards and all ethical rules regarding Occupational Health and Safety in all regions in which we are operating.
  • Management systems are established and implemented to identify factors which may cause work accidents and occupational disease, determining and analyzing risks, protecting the health of employees, providing a healthy and safe working environment and conditions, taking required precautions, and eliminating hazards in establishments completely.
  • Occupational Health and Safety precautions raise work force and work productivity while contributing to the company's competitiveness.
  • Activities are organized to develop the awareness of employees in their jobs, increase their social and cultural activities, and improve motivation to the highest level in the interest of safety and productivity.
  • TAV Airports Holding Co. places the utmost importance on occupational health and safety throughout its entire operations, while supporting its stakeholders and suppliers toward the same goal.
  • In accordance with the principle that Occupational Health and Safety improves with the participation of employees, work performance is monitored according to a system of progressive responsibility.
  • TAV Airports Holding ensures the sustainability of Occupational Health and Safety by making use of the information obtained from regular review of all operations and results-oriented data analyses.