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TAV Technologies becomes an R&D center

TAV Technologies has become an R&D Center as part of the program executed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

TAV Technologies, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, fulfilled the requirements of the program of the Ministry of Industry and Technology to support research and development and design activities.

TAV Technologies General Manager Kerem Öztürk stated "Since we were established, we offer IT solutions to create a safe, fast and comfortable travel experience by focusing particularly on requirements and expectations of passengers. We attach great significance to research and development activities to improve the IT solutions that we create completely with our resources. Hence, we have moved to our new high-tech offices covering an area of 1500 square meters and consisting of two laboratories, one innovation center, various office spaces, meeting rooms, seminar and resting halls. We have the goal to create brand new products and solutions, including self-service kiosks that offer airports problem- and document-free biometric travels, self-service baggage claim systems, travel documents authorization system, self-service boarding gates, etc., to compete in the global market with the support of the Ministry. Thus, we will continue to provide consultancy and implementation services regarding fast, comfortable travel and smart airport concepts".

As part of the program executed as per the Law on Promoting Research, Development and Design Activities numbered 5746, approximately 1,200 R&D centers and 60,000 people working in the related fields are supported.

According to the data of the Ministry, there are 34,227 completed and ongoing R&D projects. 


About TAV Technologies

TAV Technologies was established in 2005 as a subsidiary of TAV Airports Holding to develop and provide IT applications, ICT, ULV and ERP services and solutions for the aviation industry. Housing all three main streams of IT business under its roof, TAV Technologies serves as operation and maintenance service provider, contractor for projects and software vendor. TAV Technologies offers 43 products developed by the resources of the company at 35 airports in 11 countries across three continents.

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